How is the problem being addressed?

The District is working with other agencies and individuals to monitor and reduce the level of nitrates in our groundwater and surface waters. More information about water quality improvement projects can be found on our Water Quality webpage.

The Suwannee River Partnership was formed in 1999 to coordinate efforts between government agencies, farmers and growers, and local citizens to find solutions to the nitrate problem in the Middle Suwannee basin.

The Department of Health offers a publication titled "Drinking Water: Is Yours Safe?" This brochure addresses the problem of lead, bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants in drinking water. Request copies from your nearest County Health Department office, the main Department of Health office in Tallahassee or download it from the Florida Department of Health website.

For more information on nitrate, see visit our Water Data Portal.

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1. What is nitrate?
2. What are the effects of nitrate on health and the environment?
3. Where do nitrates come from?
4. Are Nitrates a problem in the District?
5. How is the problem being addressed?