Comprehensive Plan Amendments

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Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Comprehensive plan amendments are required by Florida Statutes to be based on appropriate data and analysis to demonstrate the availability of water supplies and water supply facilities necessary to accommodate existing and anticipated water use demand.

For information regarding the preparation of data and analysis to support proposed comprehensive plan amendments, particularly those that would increase density or intensity of development and demand for water, please refer to the guide prepared by Florida Commerce.

Water Supply Facilities Work Plans

A Water Supply Facilities Work Plan (Work Plan) identifies and plans for the water supply sources and facilities needed to serve existing and new developments within a county’s or municipality’s jurisdiction. Within 18 months of the district approving an updated Regional Water Supply Plan, each local government within that region must prepare and adopt a Work Plan that will become part of its comprehensive plan.

For information regarding the required content of the work plan-related comprehensive plan amendments, please refer to the guide prepared by Florida Commerce.

Water Supply Planning Requirements

Florida Statutes require local governments to address enhanced water supply planning requirements in their comprehensive plans. As of 2005, each local government in Florida must update its comprehensive plan to include:

  • A policy enabling water supply and facility concurrency
  • A policy enabling coordination of the comprehensive plan with the appropriate water management district’s regional water supply plan
  • An update of the Conservation Element to identify the current and projected water needs and sources for a minimum 10-year period
  • A 5-year schedule of capital improvements that includes water supply development components, if needed

Water Supply Entity Response Form

Water supply entities that received notification from SRWMD regarding implementation of an Alternative Water Supply (AWS) project identified in a regional water supply plan are required to submit a status report every year indicating which AWS project(s) are planned or being implemented. This form may be utilized to update identified project(s) or submit new project(s) and must be received by November 15 of each year. This annual progress reporting is required per section 373.709(8)(b), Florida Statutes.