Conservation Communities

The Suwannee Valley is home to more than 450 documented springs, the highest concentration in North America. Conserving and using water as efficiently as possible is vital to ensuring the sustainability of these unique and world-renowned resources.

Local governments and communities can play an active role with citizens and residents to help protect our water resources, such as the adoption of lawn and landscape ordinances and promoting water-wise practices through education and outreach. 

Proclaim April As Water Conservation Month

Every year, the Suwannee River Water Management District’s Governing Board adopts a proclamation declaring the month of April as Water Conservation Month. 

The state’s five water management districts and American Water Works Association calls upon local governments, residents, business and visitors to protect our precious water resources by practicing and promoting water conservation measures both indoors and outdoors. The District invites all local governments within the region to join us in promoting water conservation by adopting similar proclamations.

Is Your Community On The Map?

The map below represents the towns and counties that have signed the proclamation declaring April as Water Conservation Month. 

If your county or city government signed a proclamation, please let us know! Email Ben Glass at

Share your proclamation

Water Conservation Badge ColorWater Conservation Badge

Show your community that you care about conserving water by downloading the Water Conservation Badge and adding it to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn or add it your email signature.

Water Conservation Videos

Share tips and tricks on how to conserve water by downloading the Water Conservation Videos and posting one video each week to your Facebook and YouTube accounts during April.

Water Conservation Graphics

Inform your community about different tips and trips to conserve water by downloading the Water Conservation Graphics and sharing one graphic each week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn during April.

Water Conservation Hashtag

Be sure to use the hashtag #DoYouConserve as you post about water conservation throughout April.

Download the complete Water Conservation Media Kit.

Week 1 Introduction Graphic
Week 2 Statistics Graphic
Week 3 Indoor Graphic
Week 4 Outdoor Graphic